Sunday, October 5, 2008

Safest Block in Fall River

I just drove by the Regatta because I like living dangerously. After counting 11 police cars (and probably more hiding in the nooks and crannies) in the immediate vicinity of the Regatta, it is obvious that the city is sending a message to criminals and to the Regatta owners/managers.


Anonymous said...


A couple of questions on that. If the police officers are on a paid detail and go into overtime-who pays?

What about the crime in other parts of the city, where is the public safety plan?

Third, we seem to have many press releases about issues in the city and the everyone gets on board and forget about it. Has anyone followed up on the campaign promises below:


For the entire speech go to :

The theme of the Inaugural Festivities, and the mantra that I will adopt during my administration, is 'Pride City Wide.'

This theme will be cultivated in my administration alongside education, economic development and public safety. It is my firm belief that Fall River's success depends as much upon our pride on who we are as a community as it does on the improved quality of our schools, the availability of better jobs, and the ability to free our streets of crime and violence.

During my first term in office I will lay out the blueprint needed to rebuild the Spindle City and transform it. In the future, Fall River will be known as:

the city with the train stop to Boston;

the city that is the medical center of the entire SouthCoast region;

the city with the municipal marina that created jobs and revenue;

the city that breathes life into its downtown by creating a Restaurant Row on South Main Street;

the city with the 'Fall River Loop' that links our waterfront, historical, and cultural attractions;

the city where children and their parents both engage in lifetime learning at Community Learning Centers throughout the city;

the city that cleaned its streets of gun-totting thugs;

the city where pride resonates city wide.

To make this possible, during my first 100 days in office, I will be making difficult but forceful decisions. In order to build the sound foundation needed for the success of these initiatives,

I will begin the comprehensive state audit of the city's finances.

I will implement a major reorganization of municipal government to improve the delivery of city services, such as beef up police presence throughout the city and strict enforcement of minimum housing standards for a cleaner, healthier city with responsible homeowners and tenants.

I will make your City Hall more user-friendly. And I will appoint a committee of business leaders from the medical device/life science sectors to advise my administration of their needs and alert us to economic opportunities.


Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

I drove by the Regatta on Saturday and was astounded by the number of police surrounding the area, it looked like half the force or more. Great to know that area is secured now but what about the rest of the city? All these resources directed to one location, wouldn't it have been easier just to shut the place down?

shamrock said...

EB -
I don't know who paid for the police presence but I have a feeling the Regatta wasn't paying for all 11 cars (and perhaps an amphibious squad on the river side).

Anonymous 14:17 -
I think that might be one of the purposes of the police presence - to close the place down. Personally, I am more inclined to go to a bar that is surrounded by cops for safety but I am guessing that most people in Fall River don't feel the same way. The parking lot at the Regatta was 1/2 empty last night so it may just be a matter of time before people stop going.

Anonymous said...

You might go to a place that has a police detail because it makes you feel safe but people going to a place looking for trouble and to "do their dirt" are going to stay away from a place with cops all around because they can't get into the kind of trouble that they want to get into with the police watching and ready to arrest them.

shamrock said...